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  • From Vol. 2 No.11 (May 29, 2013)

    Designing and Implementing Effective Press and Social Media Policies to Mitigate Reputational Harm from Anti-Corruption Investigations

    Press coverage about corruption – or, more likely, alleged corruption – can ignite a string of detrimental events at a company, starting with considerable reputational damage.  When the press, on one of its myriad platforms, picks up a story about corruption, that story can go viral very quickly.  Complicating matters, it is not just the press that can set these events in motion, but anyone with a Twitter account, Facebook page or blog.  Faced with media attention, a company’s options can be suddenly constrained – it may be forced to self-report to the government before it is ready, and must handle all the repercussions of such reporting, all while trying to preserve its relationship and status with its customers, clients and partners.  See “Insight from Top Companies and Practitioners on How They Are Addressing Current Anti-Corruption Issues, from Self-Reporting to Risk Assessments to Training,” The FCPA Report, Vol. 2, No. 10 (May 15, 2013).  A comprehensive media strategy is crucial.  A recent panel at the American Bar Association’s Fifth Annual National Institute on Internal Corporate Investigations and Forum for In-house Counsel addressed strategies for handling the press and social media.  Industry experts shared their considerable experience handling media issues and provided practical, step-by-step advice for handling a public relations crisis.

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